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Featured Products

Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump
  • Brand Clazzen
Hot Spring Pool Pump
  • Brand Clazzen
  • Brand Clazzen
  • Brand Clazzen
  • R75 T-10
  • R75 T-16
  • R75 T-23
  • Brand Clazzen
  • R78 QA-05
  • R78 QA-08
  • R78 QA-11
18l pressure tank
  • Brand Clazzen
Automatic Pressure Controller 1.5 bar
  • PC 1.5
Solar Pump Panel
  • Brand Clazzen
Swimming Pool Pump
  • Brand Clazzen
  • SUPB 100
  • SUPB 150
  • SUPB 200
Pressure Switch Pump Control 30-50psi
  • Brand Clazzen
Float Switch
  • Brand Clazzen
CBI 3-30PC
  • Brand Clazzen
  • CBI 3-40

About Us

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Clazzen Malaysia. Your water solution partners.

Are you looking for the most affordable, efficient and quick way to install a water filtering system to keep your water supply clean and soft? Or perhaps you are looking for an effective water pump for your irrigation system? Then, Clazzen Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the right place to come in for effectiveness and uncompromising quality with which we provide an all-round water solution to our private customers and corporate clients is what we are best known for.


Driven by constant passion to achieve better water quality, we strive to provide you all round comprehensive solution to gratify your particular demands and needs.

Located in Bandar Puteri Puchong along with few other branches throughout the country, we are a prominent engineering company that focuses on production and supply of impressively diverse range of upmarket water equipment such as water pumps, filtering and irrigation systems, sewage treatment plants and others designed and built water equipment for industrial, municipal, commercial and residential purposes. Our production is a fruitful outcome of our close collaboration with different engineering consultant firms, architects and technicians in order to provide a comprehensive water supply solution for all spectrums of customers be it the residential houses, condominiums, hotels, hospitals, corporations, factories, municipalities and others.


Brief overview about how we see ourselves in future what are the new highs we are about to achieve.

We envision ourselves in sincere dedication to serve further needs and demands of our clientele through constant revision of our quality standards and their enhancement in line with recent technological innovations and advancements in order to become an eminent water solution provider not only within the country but also overseas, too. Therefore, our mission is to supply uncompromising quality water equipment, which is safe, affordable and efficient, to the diverse range of our customers. To achieve it, we have set out business philosophy on principles of reliability, safety, trust and transparency.


Things that makes us special in the market of water equipment

  • Tremendous amount of experience – which enables us to fully realise our productive and market capabilities.
  • Great team of people – who constantly work on enhancement of product quality under guidance and leadership of Mr Adrian Yuen and Ms Kathryn Lim.
  • Perfect supply chain – set in order to provide you fast and efficient services via our branches and appointed dealers across the country. 
  • Reliability and safety – which enables us to secure wide customer recognition for our equipment made out of high-quality and durable materials.


We are specialised in provision of all sorts of water equipment meant for numerous purposes in order to satisfy demands and needs of all our customers. The whole range of our products include:

  • Municipal water transfer pumps.
  • Sewage treatment plants.
  • Hydro-pneumatic booster system / VSD booster system.
  • Industrial pump.
  • Domestic water booster pump.
  • Centralized water filtering systems for commercial organizations, condominiums, hotels, hospitals and etc.
  • Sand filtration for swimming pool and aquaculture application
  • Household Water Filtration
  • Irrigation systems 
  • Water softening, iron removal.

About Us

Heading the management is Mr. Adrian Yuen and Kathryn Lim . He is the person in charge of the daily business operations as well as the key decision maker. Assisting Mr. Adrian Yuen is a team of experienced professionals who are responsible for the different aspects of the business.

Clazzen Malaysia Sdn Bhd is an engineering company specializing in the business of pumps, pumping system, filtration equipment and water treatment solution engineering services, range from the municipal, industrial to domestic household solutions. Our core business is involved in providing comprehensive water solution to the government or private sector, and working together with the engineering consultant firms ,Architect and ID in the designing works.

The company’s range of services are briefly listed as follows:

  • Municipal water transfer pump. 
  • Sewage treatment plant. 
  • Hydro-pneumatic booster system / VSD booster system. 
  • Industrial pump. 
  • Domestic water booster pump. 
  • Centralized water filter system for Commercial Condominiums, Hotels, Hospitals and etc. 
  • Sand filtration for swimming pool and Aquaculture application .
  • Household Water Filtration 
  • Irrigation system 
  • Water softening, iron removal.


We strive to offer quality water solutions with quality products and quality services to our valued business partners and customers with the most competitive price by our highly trained and well-qualified water solution professionals. Clazzen Malaysia Sdn Bhd own a shop lot in Bandar Puteri Puchong .In addition to the head office located at Puchong, we also operates a few other branches and appointed dealers located all over the country to provide fast and efficient services to our customers.


Clazzen Compact –T Booster System is designed for 2 pumps horizontal multistage system operating in parallel using Clazzen pneumatic tank mounted in a complete set unit with a panel. The Pressure boosting system is able to supply water to Hotel, Bungalows, office building, Household , Hospital , irrigation and factory plants.