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House-Hold Filter System

Benefit of Microcite™ and Microlite™ media.

Microcite™ is a high quality resistant to chemical and granular filter media. It is produced from a unique mineral deposit having crushed form and grains are all different form each other, therefore turbidity can be caught in large quantities. There properties make Microcite™ an ideal filtration media so that saving 80% water during back washing and higher velocity compare to single filter media.

The surface structure of microlite™ features microscopic mineral projection that allow particulate matter to penetrate deeply into the bed. It can easily remove particles, sediment, mud and suspended solid in the water up to < 5micron size.

Activated Carbon (Optional)
Efficiently removes chlorine, lead, asbestos, cysts, Thms, chemical, Repulsive smell, Bad Taste & organic Matters.



Pressure Vessels Ceramic Valve

The pressure Vessels Ceramic valves is composed of two opposite ceramic plates with high hardness (HRA>850) and accurate milipores (pore size <0.0003mm/0.3um). While adjustion the counter angles by rotating the two plates. Will achieve the running, reverse flushing, reverse flushing, front washing effects of the equipped water treatment system. Max Operating  Pressure 8 bar.

Benefits of Clazzen water filtration


  • The inner shell are made of ABS or Polyethylene food grade, corrosion and chlorine resistant Material.
  • The tank design for 10.5 bar or 150psi.
  • Design operating temperature 50ºc.
  • Manufacturing warranty on product for 10 years. Prolong the life of drinking water purifier system.
  • Extend the life of hot water solar system.
  • The FRP tank will not effect pressure drop to your incoming water supply.
  • Eliminate water tank maintenance.

Water Filtration System Works