Three Phase Automatic Controller – 1.5kW – 15kw (2hp – 20hp) 415v/3ph/50hz


  •  Three phase direct on line starting controller for up to 15kw
  •  Easy operating 24-hours duty
  •  Labor saving and energy saving
  •  (Great benefit under correct operation)
  •  Submersible pump/ Sewage pump/ Pipeline pump/ Multistage pump/
    Centrifugal pump to protect, control water level and control pressure for above pumps


  • Water level control is completely automatic. works without adjustment, easy for installation and use.
  • Water level control electrode wire can be controlled by three lines three pole, just like the traditional products, so it can be completely replace by same products. Equiped with specialized potential divider, two line three pole control can save 33% to 50% level electrode wire and improve the control reliability.
  • With reliable motor open-phase protection fuction, using automatic catch, from power source to motor interior, if any phase conductor break or get loose, shutdown and self-locking will occur within two seconds. It efficiently prevents the motor from burning it self down and stops the expanding error.